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Why Do You Need a Gold Testing Machine?

Needless to say that gold is one of the most favorite as well as valuable metals in the world. Seldom will you find anyone who doesn’t like to buy or possess gold. Especially women love to wear gold jewelry and find an occasion to buy some gold as a security. Yes, gold is a great security for women and possession of this metal can help you in securing cash when in need. Loans can be obtained against gold and it is regarded as a precious security than just a metal. But all these are only possible when one own real gold without any other fake metal infused in it. As such these days gold merchants around the world are using different techniques to sell pure gold to their customers. They use certified machines to test gold for its level of purity in order to satisfy their buyers. If you are new in the business and wish to buy a gold testing machine then here are some information that you may find useful:

How does it work?

While testing the purity of gold the unit that is used is called Karat. The purest form of gold that can be bought is 24 Karat. Gold is a soft metal and thus, jewelry are made from 22 Karat or 18 Karat gold in order to make it a little durable for use. The gold testing machine determines the purity level with precision. These machines can also determine fake gold if required. This machine uses the XRF analyzer to test the purity of gold. These machines have high precision and can weigh gold with perfect accuracy. It can also check the Hallmark Centre of the gold. The measurements are generally based on Archimedes Principle.

Why should it be used?

Since gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world it is faked quite often. Gold testing machines are essentially required by the gold merchants are other dealers of gold to verify the purity and weight of the gold bought and sold. The purity provides customer satisfaction and its real worth. The weight of the gold is also very important and an accurate weight will fetch the correct price of the gold too. Since this metal is an important predictor for world finance the value has to be absolutely accurate and the weight precise.

What are the features?

A good testing machine consists of high voltage power supply for X-Ray source, X-Ray tube, X-Ray fluorescence Detector, X-Ray tube filters, processing electronics, system interface and an external computer. Apart from these, high-end machines which come with various other advanced features facilitates the process of testing. Gold merchants, dealers, office and even homeowners can buy this machine to test the purity of gold and get the best value for their investment.

Gold testing machine is available online and you can browse through the various models and manufacturers before buying one. These machines are essential for every gold merchant as in order to retain your clientele you need to verify the purity of the gold you are selling. So, do not waste any more time and buy a machine right today.

Gold Testing Equipment

A gold testing machine is a very useful way for all people to check the value and purity of their gold.

A gold testing machine is a very useful way for all people to check the value and purity of their gold, whether that be in the form of jewellery or any other form that this precious metal has been formed into. Anyone can take advantage of a gold testing machine which can be very useful. A gold testing machine works firstly by x-raying the gold item which will then tell the user exactly what the item consists of, whether it be white gold or silver, and will then proceed to tell the user the exact weight of gold that the item contains. The user can then judge how much the item is worth. Sounds great right? Well we fully believe that a gold testing machine is very much worth investing in. If you are thinking of buying a gold testing machine you are probably wondering about the price of one.

Well carry on reading below to find out how much one of these wonderful machines will cost you.
From our research, we have found that due to the different sizes and makes of a gold testing machine the gold purity checking machine price can greatly differ due to this variety. If you are an official jewellers you may need a proper professional grand scale gold testing machine which can be anything from $1000 to $3000, where as for a small scale gold purity checking machine the price can be anything from $100 to $500, however rarely will the price be over $1000.
Due to this variety in price we can see that absolutely anyone of all budgets can purchase a gold purity checking machine, that will allow them to properly value the quality and quantity of their gold, which can be very important for anyone from an average user with jewellery to sell or an official jewellers.