A gold testing machine is a great metal testing machine

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A gold testing machine is a great metal testing machine, that is almost essential for any jeweler to have in their shop. A gold testing machine can analyze any piece of jewellery and can tell the user exactly what percentage of gold it is, as well as what types of metals it is. This metal testing machine is truly brilliant for everyone to use, from your professional jewelers to anyone who just wants to test their stash of precious items. It truly is a revolutionary machine. So how does this metal testing machine work?


This metal testing machine works first by x-raying the item that you put in there, this will tell you exactly how much gold there is in the item, and then tell you what sort of metal it is whether it be white gold, platinum or silver. The machine will then proceed to check the weight of the item which will tell you how much gold is in it as well as how much it is worth, so you can judge exactly how much you should sell the item for. Brilliant isn’t it? Well we cannot recommend this metal testing machine enough. We believe that everyone should have one in order to check the worth of their stash.


So what do you think of this metal testing machine, do you think it’s useful or would you never use it? One thing is for certain and that is that every professional jewelers should have one in order to make accurate judgements on the price of items. For this use the machine really is very useful and we recommend that you get one if you are just starting up your jewellery business in order for your business to be successful. Let us know what you think and if it works!


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