Maxsell Gold Testers MXGT-AURUM Precious Metal Analyzer

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Until recently only laboratories had the equipment required to analyze the purity of metals like gold but now there is a range of machines available for the end user. These testing machines use a technology called X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) which measures the atomic composition of the item being tested.

One such machine is the Maxsell MXGT-AURUM Precious Metal Analyzer. Weighing 30kg, this is not what you would call a mobile machine but it’s still light enough to be moved when needed. The unit incorporates a small information display to relay vital information as well as a large touch screen interface which runs on Microsoft Windows, and can thus be set to a multitude of languages. A test chamber on the top of the unit opens to a flat area where small to medium sized items of nearly any shape can be inserted for testing. The software is incredibly user friendly and also offers an on-screen joystick to use for critical peak analysis. After testing you’ll receive a layout of the elements detected along with their percentages and their purity, shown in karat. For easy understanding a pie chart is also incorporated. The software further allows you to save reports for later study or print them using the on board label printer for instant certification.

The small information display scrolls through a variety of information about the item being tested as well as the machine itself and its status. The scanner can identify up to 20 different elements and will also inform you if any prohibited elements such as iridium, cadmium or ruthenium are detected. Even trace elements of as little as 100ppm will show up in the results.

Several safety features on the Maxsell Gold Testers ensures no radiation danger from the x-rays. They have also received FCC and CE approvals to verify their safety and are verified with the NABL certification standards. The company also provides online remote support as well as a one year warranty.


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