Gold Testing Machine – GT-04




a)The purity of gold,platinum,and other precious metals can be measured in a short time.the fake can be distinguished.

b)No damage testing, cleaning and environmental protection.

c)Measuring just need 15 seconds,convenience,stabilization,and accuracy.

d)Multi-mode,gold mode,platinum mode,other precious metals mode can be shifted.

e)Multi-function;the purity of other precious metals can be measured.such as tin,copper,silver.,etc.also can be used as precision balance.

f)Function of top and bottom limitation;it can display”OK,HI,LO” in the state of qualified,exceed,less;Prompt alarm.

g)Function of automatic zero tracking,buzzer warning,and overload warning.

h)Function of solution compensation.necessary if liquid other than water is used as a medium for measurement.

i)Adopt the completed high-capacity transparent injection mould sink,which can resist damage and corrosion.

j)Adopt the completed special windproof and dustproof cover,which is convenient and durable.

k)Interface of RS-232C is included.the machine is available to connect PC with printer.

Measurement Procedure

a)Measure the gold weight in air,and then press the ENTER button to memory.

b)Place the gold into water to measure the weight,and then press the ENTER button to the K value of gold,purity percent,density value.

Standard accessories

Host,sink,test board,tweezer,thermometer,weight,wind and dust cover,a set of measuring particle parts,a set of measuring floating body parts,power transformer


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