Gold Testing Machine – DX-120K

$2,560.00 $2,145.00


Model: DX-120K
Measuring Range: 0.001g-120g
Density Precision: 0.0001g/cm3
Weighing Precision: 0.001g
Display Value: Gold K, Density, %(purity)
Karats Range: exp. 5K-24K, 6K-24K
Marker: RS-232
Dimensions(mm): 270*200*265
Sink size(mm): 165*115*85
Weight: 6.5kg


1. Quickly test the purity of gold, platinum, other precious metals, distinguish fakes
2. Non-destructive testing, clean and environmentally friendly, the test will not damage the prototype prototype
3. Test time only 10 seconds, convenient, stable performance, the results are accurate
4. Multi-mode, gold mode, platinum mode, other precious metal mode can be freely converted
5. Multi-function, the purity of other precious metals can be measured, such as tin, copper, silver, etc., can also be used when the precision balance
6. With the upper and lower limit function, qualified display OK, beyond the display HI, less than the display LO, and alert
7. Can not measure hollow, inlaid with gem samples
8. Automatic zero tracking, buzzer alarm, overload alarm function
9. Use water as a medium, you can also use other liquid media, you can set the actual water temperature
10. Compared with the traditional water method, the use of one-piece forming large-capacity measuring accessories, water tank corrosion, drop, broken, hanging line will not affect the measurement results
11. With RS232 output interface, optional DE-40 printer, direct print test results; configure a dedicated windproof dust cover, convenient combination, strong

Measurement steps:

① first measure the weight of gold in the air, press ENTER to remember.

② then into the water measured in the water weight, press the ENTER key memory, showing the gold K value, purity%, density.

 Standard accessories:

① the host, ② sink, ③ measuring table, ④ tweezers, ⑤ thermometer, ⑥ weight, ⑦ wind and dust cover, ⑧ measured a set of particle accessories, ⑨ measured a set of floating parts, ⑩ power transformer