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Gold Testing Machine – GT-56

$25,000.00 $20,000.00


1.Processor and RAM:CPU: 667MHz, RAM:256M , Maximum expanded storage: 32G, Standard configuration: 2G , can store large amounts of data.
2.Content range: ppm~99.99%.
3.Testing time :3-30 seconds.
4.GPS,WIFI:Built-in system.
5.Battery time: Lithium battery,which can be charged, with maximum capacity of 7800mAH, can continuously work for 8 hours; Equipped with wide voltage(110V-220V) general adapter, can work under alternating current.
6.Testing object:Solid, liquid , powder.
7.Detector:25mm2 0.3mil,SDD detector.
8.Detector resolution: Lowest resolution can be 139eV .
9.Excitation source:40KV/100uA-Ag anode window miniature X light tube and high voltage source.
10.Collimator and filter:Collimator of 4.0 or 2.0 diameter, automatic switch of 6 types filter groups. 12 kinds of groups, world’s mostcompound mode, can satisfy various kinds of samples testing.

suitable for

1.Jewellery Showrooms
2.Banks & Jewel Loan Companies
3.Jewellery Manufacturers
4.Old Gold purchase