X Ray Gold purity testing machine – GT-007


the machine optimizes the geometry between the x-ray source, fluorescence detector and sample. Ultimately limits of detection (LODs) are improved and measurement times shortened, ensuring lab quality results every time.


The  testing machine – GT-007  is  handheld x-ray products. When versatility, low limits of detection and high sample throughput are critical, industrial businesses rely on the  GT-007 handheld XRF analyzer. Offering unmatched speed, performance and portability, the Gold purity testing machine is built to conquer your most demanding applications.

  • Powerful- 5W x-ray tube provides the lowest limits of detection for light elements
  • Fast- Determines elemental composition of metals, geological materials, alloy grade ID, and coating weight/thickness in seconds
  • Light- Featherweight design weighing 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg), helps reduces operator fatigue
  • Smart- Application interface, micro and macro camera and WiFi connectivity
  • Rugged- Water resistant and dustproof housing for harsh environments


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