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Finding non-destructive gold analyzers in the market is not easy because there only a few dealers available. With the most advanced analyzers, you can be able to determine the purity of gold and/or the gold carat. And since we are experts in gold testing equipment, you can find gold testers that can perform fast, accurate as well as repeatable analysis at the lowest possible cost.

What Is A Gold Karat And How Is It Measured By A Gold Tester?

In the gold testing world, a karat is used as a measurement of gold’s fineness and purity level. Based on the set industry standards, the purity level of gold is listed as 24 karat when it’s 100 percent gold. Any additional karats are treated as reference system for gold mixed with other metals (gold alloys) with the most common listed as 18 kt, 14 kt and 10 kt. It certainly goes, lower the karat (kt) the lower gold percentage. Our gold testing equipment are designed to help you test gold with greater precision hence you can be sure of purchasing or selling the right quantity of gold at the best price.

Which Methods Can You Use In Testing Gold?

Proper identification of karat and makeup is particularly important when it comes to determining the appropriate use and cost. In the market today, there are two methods that are largely being used: fire assay and the inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometry. But since these methods require the destruction of the product, the overall cost can go up to 4 times the amount of non-destructive methods like x-ray fluorescence. So our equipment are not only meant to increase the gold testing accuracy but help you enjoy low initial costs and keep upkeep and operational costs minimal.

What Kind Of Applications Are The Non-Destructive Gold Testers Designed For?

Apart from testing the fineness and purity level of gold, our gold testing equipment provider other additional testing options that have been helpful in the jewelry industry. That helps you create a all-in-one testing that results in testing options which allow durability, repeated results and generally lower costs.


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