Various Types of Gold Testers Available

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There are various gold testers in the market today, however premium tri-electronic are most used. The premium tri-electronic Gold testers are digital equipment that have a built-in microprocessor to determine quality gold in a single step. The process involves squeezing a drop of gel from the probe onto the metal and the reading can be obtained on the digital display where it offers results regarding karats and gold percentage. These electronic testers come with a warranty and guarantee certificate so as to offer premium and effectual results. They are the easiest and novelist way of testing gold is a simple one-step manner. They are ideal for amateurs and professionals alike that desire to get results in a clear and good user friendly way.

1. Acid Gold Testing Kits
The acid test is a traditional and widespread means of verification of gold that has been used internationally over the years. The complete kit comes with a set of needles design for the different types of gold. Traditionally, there is a test stone that verifies the quality and percentage of the metal. With the color coded squeeze bottles and the detailed instruction manuals, results are expected to be effectual and effective towards determining the legitimacy and accuracy in the percentage of gold in the metal.

2. Portable Gold Testers
For those that seek a portable and reliable source of testing gold that can produce instantaneous results, these portable testers are the ideal choice. They use an ecologically safe liquid that is capable of testing both white and yellow gold and determine its percentage level as well. Averagely, one bottle of these portable Gold testing units would render around 400 tests. They come with a warranty certificate that guarantees to deliver ideal results devoid of any errors.

3. Delicate Testers
Precious metals and delicate gold products need to be taken care of in a formal and timely manner. Rough handling all using the wrong materials to test the quality of the gold can render them useless or damage them to an extent that cannot be repaired. For this reason, delicate testers can be procured to handle these metals with immaculate care without damaging their surface bodies. While they may be an expensive option, many professional gold enthusiasts, jewelry and antique dealers consider it as a great investment towards obtaining accurate and statistically proven results.


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